Our Constitution


The students of the School of Communications, Information and Library Studies of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, in order to promote intra-student body communication, to pursue common professional, cultural, and social goals, and to provide a forum in which our ideas and opinions may be presented to the faculty and administration, do establish by this Constitution the Student Organization for Unique and Rare Collections Everywhere of the School of Communications, Information and Library Studies of Rutgers University.


All full-time and part-time students in SC&I, at both the Masters and Doctoral levels, shall be eligible for membership in this organization.


From among its members SOURCE shall select, by majority vote, two co-presidents, a secretary, webmaster, archivist, and treasurer, each to serve until the election of the next academic term. All shall be eligible for re-election.


SOURCE shall meet at least once every month during each term and at least once during the summer term. Any situation not provided for in this constitution shall be decided according to Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised.


The co-presidents of SOURCE shall preside over all meetings of the organization and shall act as ex-officio members of all standing and ad hoc student committees and represent SOURCE at all official functions. The other officers shall discharge the duties of the co-presidents in the event of their disability, absence, or vacancy of office, and be responsible for general operations of SOURCE. In addition, the other officers shall be candidates of choice for co-presidents in the next academic term. The SECRETARY shall record the minutes of all SOURCE meetings for distribution to those designated by the organization. The WEBMASTER shall be responsible for the upkeep of the SOURCE website, and make sure that all information is accurate and current. The ARCHIVIST shall be responsible for the retention of all SOURCE correspondence, and preserve the records and correspondence of the organization. The TREASURER shall hold and keep account of all financial transactions of SOURCE.


SOURCE shall select members of all ad hoc and standing committees, designate the chairs, and require written reports of them from time to time to be published on the SOURCE website.


SOURCE shall be available for consultation and advice to the Dean and faculty of SC&I, and investigate and promote means to secure the fullest possible degree of joint faculty-student involvement and participation in the decision-making processes that affect the SC&I community. SOURCE shall create such sub-committees as it deems necessary or desirable in order to carry out the functions assigned to it or in other ways to investigate and promote the general welfare of the SC&I community. SOURCE shall prescribe the By-Laws and rules of procedure appropriate to the most effective execution of the functions and responsibilities assigned to it, and post a tentative agenda of all of its open meetings at least two days in advance of the meeting date.


The permanent and alternate representatives of SOURCE to the Graduate Student Association of Rutgers University shall be elected by majority vote of SOURCE at the beginning of the Fall term to serve throughout the calendar. Vacancies, if any, are to be filled by special election. The permanent representatives, or their alternates, shall be ex-officio members of LISSA.


A member of the faculty of the MLIS program at SC&I shall serve as advisor to the organization.


This organization shall be in full compliance with all pertinent University Regulations and any other rules, regulations, and policies of Rutgers.

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