Graduate, Fall 2000 to present

Advisee, Smita C. Banerjee. Dissertation directed: Anti-smoking initiative: Examining effects of Analysis versus Production interventions on smoking-related comprehension and behavioral intention (January, 2005). Recipient of ICA/NCA 2005 Outstanding Health Communication Dissertation Award. Currently Assistant Attending Behavioral Scientist, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NYC.Advisee,

Zhanna Bagdasarov. Dissertation directed: Developing and validating a measure of cognitive complexity: The role of cognitive complexity in processing of health messages (October, 2009). Awarded post doctoral fellowship at University of Pennsylvania (2010).

Advisee, Maria G. Checton. Dissertation directed: Health disclosure decision-making: The role of prognosis and symptom uncertainty in ongoing disclosure to a spouse about a heart-related condition (May, 2010). Associate Professor, College of St. Elizabeth.

Advisee Maria Koskan Venetis (acting advisor). Dissertation: Communication-participation behavior during the delivery of breast-cancer care (October 2010). Assistant Professor, Purdue University.

Advisee, Kate Magsamen-Conrad. Sharing personal information in relationships: The implications of anticipated response for information management theory and measurement (May, 2012); funded on Greene’s NIDA grant 2010-11. Assistant Professor, Bowling Green State University.

Advisee, Teresa Luetjen Keeler. Problematic integration and information management: The communicative behaviors of adult siblings during elder care (October, 2014).

Advisee, Danielle Catona. Active involvement: Developing an intervention that engages older adults in fall prevention (December, 2014). Currently Assistant Professor, Seton Hall University. Recipient of four awards (2015-16) for Dissertation (NCA outstanding dissertation award for communication and aging division, top applied communication paper panel, and top student health communication paper); ECA top health communication paper.

Advisee, Amanda Carpenter, interpersonal health communication (sixth year, data collected)

Temporary Advisees, S. Zhao, A. Cunningham, N. Geswold, health communication (for first year)

Advisor for Humphrey Fellows program (predominantly in health message design)

2005-06, one Fellow
2004-05, two Fellows
2003-04, two Fellows


Qualifying Exam

Dina Nekrosova
Carey Curry
Zhanna Bagdasarov
Maria Checton
Maria Venetis
Kate Magsamen-Conrad
Shuktara Das
Mary Nagy
Roi Estlein
Soe Yoon Choi
Danielle Catona
Amanda Carpenter
Marie Haverfield
Rannie Teodoro
Katie Kang
Si Sun

John Leustek

Kathryn Noguiera


Smita Chaturvedi Banerjee (chair)

Zhanna Bagdasarov (chair)

Maria G. Checton (chair)

Kate Magsamen-Conrad (chair)

Shuktara Das

Roi Estlein

Mary Nagy

Maria Venetis (acting advisor)

Teresa L. Keeler (chair)

Danielle Catona (chair)

Marie Haverfield

Rannie Teodoro

Amanda Carpenter (chair)

John Leustek

Directed Research Practica

Zhanna Bagdasarov, Maria G. Checton, Soe Yoon Choi, Kate Masgamen-Conrad, Carey Curry, Dovile Ruginyte, Maria Venetis, Teresa L. Keeler, Danielle Catona, and Amanda Carpenter.