Professional Activities

NIH/CDC grant reviewer (2004 – present)

Tenure/reappointment/promotion letters, multiple letters yearly (1998- present)

Paper reader, panel chair, panel respondent for multiple divisions and conferences (1991- present)

Guest reviewer for a variety of health and communication journals (1990- present), 1-5 per month

Member of the joint Outstanding Health Communication Dissertation Award Committee for ICA/NCA Health Communication Divisions award (2017)

Member (and Chair) of the Outstanding Dissertation Award Committee for the NCA Communication and Aging Division Award (2016)

NCA Outreach Committee for Promoting Communication Research to Society for Behavioral Medicine (2011)

Nominating Committee for the Health Communication Division ICA (2011)

Awards Committee for the Applied Communication Division of NCA (2011)

Member of the NCA Gerald Miller Outstanding Dissertation Award Committee (2009)

Chair, Nominating Committee of the Interpersonal Communication Division NCA (2008)

Chair, Health Communication Division Award Committees, NCA (2005)

Chair, Health Communication Division, NCA (2003-04)

Program Planner, Health Communication Division, NCA (2002-03)

Immediate Past Chair, Health Communication Division, NCA (2004-05)

Member of NCA Legislative Assembly and Nominating Committee (2003-05)

SSCA Early Career Research Award Committee 1997-2001 (Chair 2000-01)

Nominating Committee for awards for NCA Gender Studies Division (1997 & 1998)

Nominating/Search Committee for SSCA Journal Advertising Manager (1995-96)

FWS Division Representative to the SCA Publications Board (1994-96)

New Professional Representative for Family Commission of SCA (1992-94)

Professional Memberships

National Communication Association (member)

International Communication Association (member)

Southern States Communication Association (former member)

Society for Prevention Research (member)

American Public Health Association (member)

International Association of Relationship Researchers

Southeastern Women’s Studies Association (former member)

Organization for the Study of Communication, Language and Gender (former member)

  • Member, National Communication Association Link
  • Member, International Communication Association Link
  • Southern States Communication Association (former member) Link

NJ Community Service (selected)


The New Jersey AIDS Partnership, advisory committee member 2009 to present; Vice President for several years

Member of AIDS service organizations (consult on grant applications/programs) (1992-present)

Consult with local organizations on health communication grants (Johnson & Johnson, Hyacinth)

Assist with research and programming planning for NJ Pride Center (2002-06)



Rutgers Department of Communication Service (selected, 2000-present)


Department of Communication Personnel Committee (2003 – present)

Department of Communication Bylaws Revision Committee (2008-09)

Department of Communication Research Committee (2007-09, 2012-2015)

Department of Communication Curriculum Committee (2005-06, 2016- )

Department of Communication Search Committee, Chair (2005-06), for 7 positions

Department of Communication Search Committee, Chair (Spring 2005), for three one-year positions

Department of Communication Scheduling/Undergraduate Coordinator (2003-06)

Department of Communication Basic Interpersonal Course Co-Coordinator (2003-06)

Department of Communication Search Committee Member (some years all faculty were members)


Rutgers University Service (selected, 2000-present)

Search Committee Member, Director of Regulatory Affairs (2012)

Member of Rutgers Institutional Review Board (Human Subject Review Committee) (2007 – present)

IRB Executive Committee Member (2008 – present)

IRB Advisor, educational program for ORSP/Vice President for Research (Fall 2008 – Fall 2012)

Chair, Ad hoc Committee for Research and Sponsored Programs, Human Subject Payment Issues (2009-present); produced modified University policy

Chair, Ad hoc Committee for Research and Sponsored Programs, Emerging Internet Research Issues (2010); produced revised policies, procedures, forms, and FAQs

SAS Affiliate (2007- present)

LGBT Liaison (2003- present)

Rutgers Aikido Club, Faculty Advisor (2001- present)

Douglass Faculty Affiliate (2000- present)

AIDS Quilt Display Committee 2005 (won both Rutgers College Alegria Collaborative Program of the Year Award and the ACPA Conference Program of the Year Award)

Rutgers SC&I Service (selected, 2000-present)

SC&I Faculty Council Chair (2006-07) (2008-13) (2015-16)

SC&I Reappointment and Promotion Committees (2004 -present) (and Chair multiple times)

SC&I LGBT Liaison (2003- present)

SC&I Diversity Committee (2003- present), and Chair (2008-09)

SC&I Research Development Committee (2006-10), and Chair (2010-11)

SC&I Health and Safety Committee, Chair (2003-05)

SC&I Rules & Procedures Committee (2000-01)


Service: East Carolina University (1992-2000)

ECU Department of Communication

Department Search Committee Member (and chair of several) (1994-00)

Department of Communication Personnel Committee (1995-99)

Department of Communication Acting Chair (temporary, several times 1994-1999)

Department of Communication Advisory Committee (1993-99) [an Executive Committee]

Department of Communication Curriculum Committee (1992-99)

Basic Speech Course Coordinator/Director (1994-96)

Department of Communication Code Committee (and Chair) (1992-96)

Department of Communication Faculty Senate Alternate


East Carolina University and College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty Welfare Committee, Chair (1998-99), member (1997-99)

Chancellor’s Affirmative Action Committee (1998-99)

Assistant Director, Women’s Studies Program (1995-98)

Chair, Women’s Studies Curriculum Committee (1995-98)

Women’s Studies Program Executive Committee (1993-98)

Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee (1994)


NC Community Service (selected)

Member, local AIDS service organizations (grant applications/programs) (1992-2000)

Speaker for Community Magazine (WCZI), Pitt County Health Department, ECU School of Medicine, local schools (1993-1998)

Pitt County Coalition on Adolescent Pregnancy, Research Committee (NC) (1993-96)

Links to Associations