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My research addresses two key areas. The first is collaborative communication across organizational and/or professional boundaries. My projects have examined how individuals from various types of organizations communicate to gain entry into a collaboration (Woo & Leonardi, 2018), to manage tensions during collaboration (Woo, 2019a), and to negotiate re-entry while the collaboration was coming to an end (Woo, 2019b).

The second area of my research is vocational/organizational socialization (i.e., communication processes by which people develop knowledge and meanings about their job or organization). My projects have examined how identity tensions can enable/constrain interns’ organizational socialization (Woo, Putnam, & Riforgiate, 2017) and how boundary-spanning employees negotiate meaning of their jobs as valuable “jack of all trades” (Woo & Myers, 2020).

Currently, I am connecting the two areas of research to understand if/through what communication practices individuals from different organizational and/or professional backgrounds socialize each other during collaboration–i.e., conceptualizing socialization as inter-organizational or inter-professional communication processes embedded in collaborative contexts.