Thinking Through Career Paths

The Ph.D. program is a journey that offers many different career paths- have you thought about where you would like to be after you complete your Ph.D.?

Dr. Hester Coan can meet with Ph.D. students individually or in group sessions to discuss potential career paths.  Her presentation slides from the Ph.D. colloquium (9/25/2015) provide an excellent overview of resources for everyone in the doctoral program:

University Career Services is also ready to help- please contact Toi Tyson at UCS for Graduate Student Resources.

Please also note that there are faculty positions listed on the new Career Services at SC&I website.

Creating Effective Cover Letters and CVs

There are many resources available to help Ph.D. students create effective cover letters and CVs for the job hunt, whether it is for academic or industry positions.

Dr. Hester Coan has compiled a useful set of documents to help guide Ph.D. students (presented during the Ph.D. colloquium on 2/12/2016):

Academic Job Hunt

Dr. Katherine Ognyanova presented on the academic job hunt during the Ph.D. colloquium (2/5/2016), providing a faculty member’s perspective on a successful academic job hunt.