Behavioral Informatics Lab

Behavioral Informatics Lab works at the intersection of human behavior and information technology. We develop new algorithms, interfaces, and frameworks that aim to maximize the good of technology (e.g., predicting mental health issues) while minimizing the potential harms (e.g., privacy loss).

Two major themes of research are:

(1) AI for health and wellness: Developing theory-aware algorithms that use multimodal data (e.g., phone logs, social media) to model mental health, wellbeing, trust, etc. Projects: Rutgers Well-being Study (2015-2020); Rutgers Wellness Study (2021-ongoing).

(2) Reducing harm in digital environments: Developing algorithms, interfaces, and frameworks that reduce harm in digital environments (e.g., cyberbullyingprivacy lossmisinformationalgorithmic bias).

Recent Projects

AI for health and wellness

1) Rutgers Wellness Study [builds upon the The Rutgers Well-being Study (2015-2020)]

Reducing harm in digital environments 

2) Countering Algorithmic Bias 

3) Privacy Management

4) Misinformation Prevention 

5) Cyberbullying Prevention

Group Members

Faculty members

(1) Vivek Singh (Lab Director)

(2) Sunyoung Kim

(3) Charles Senteio

(4) Kaitlin Costello

(5) Mary Chayko

(6) Lauren Feldman

(7) Tawfiq Ammari


Student members

PhD students

(1) Jinkyung (Katie) Park, iSchool

(2) Jamal Alasadi, ECE

(3) Abdulaziz Almuzaini, CS

(4) Arcadio Matos, iSchool

(5) Eiman Ahmed, iSchool

Masters students

(1) Jenil Jain

(2) Aniket Sanap

(3) Katherine Lee

(4) Rahul Dev

(5) Srujan Dendukuri

Media Coverage of Research

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Alumni/Past contributors

(1) Dr. Chidansh Bhatt, Post-doc [2020-2021], now at IBM Watson

(2) Dr. Isha Ghosh, PhD [2015-2020], now at Intel

(3) Dr. Ghassan Bati, PhD [2016-2019], now at Umm Al Qura University, Saudi Arabia

(4) Teis Kristensen, PhD student — Independent Study

(5) Padmapriya Subramanian, MBS, 2014 

(6) Ariana Blake, B.S. (ITI), 2014

(7) Suril Dalal,B.S. (ITI), 2014

(8) Sneha Dasari, B.S. (ITI), 2014

(9) Saket Hegde, MS (ECE) , 2015

(10) Justin Hernandez, B.S. (ITI), 2015

(11) Qianjia Huang, PhD student — Research Assistant, 2015

(12) Soumik Mandal, PhD student — Independent Study, 2016

(13) Souvick Ghosh, PhD student — Research Assistant, 2016

(14) Manasa Rath, PhD student — Independent Study, 2016

(15) Dongho Choi, PhD student — Independent Study, 2016

(16) Erick Rivera (Independent Study, Rutgers MI), 2018

(17) Vinayak Nayak (Independent Study, Rutgers Master of Business and Science), 2018

(18) Amirtha Sridharan (Independent Study, Rutgers Master of Business and Science), 2018

(19) Joshua Rochette (Independent Study, Rutgers MI), 2017.

(20) Rushil Goyal (Independent Study, Rutgers Master of Business and Science), 2017.

(21) Priya Subramanian (Independent Study, Rutgers Master of Business and Science), 2015.

(22) Christin Jose: Research Assistant, 2015

(23) Yaguang Liu: Research Assistant, 2016

(24) Darshan Songara: Research Assistant, 2018

(25) Raj Inamdar: Research Assistant, 2018

(26) Gautam Sikka: Research Assistant, 2019

(27) Ishaan Singh: Research Assistant, 2020

(28) Ritesh Sawant: Research Assistant, 2020

(29) Ramanathan Arunachalam: Research Assistant, 2021

Join Us

We are looking for self-driven ambitious students to join our research group. Funding is available for students with the right profile. Please email Prof. Singh at for more information.