Work with me!

Doctoral Students

I am seeking to admit at least one Ph.D. student starting Fall 2021 with interests HCI, social computing, and data science. For more details about my current projects, see the following YouTube video.

To ask follow-up questions, use and enter event code 95291. To join me as a student, it would be great if you have proficiency in Python (any of SKLearn, Keras, Pandas, or JavaScript would be a plus). If you are interested, apply to the PhD program at the Rutgers School of Communication and Information by January 5, 2021. List my name as one of the faculty members with whom you would be interested in doing research.

Master’s or Undergraduate Students

I enjoy working with students! For this experience to be rewarding for you and me, please start by skimming my papers (here) and focus on one that interests you. Then think about how you would want to build on it. I use both qualitative and computational techniques in my work. If you are interested in pursuing research with me, write two paragraphs extending a paper (or more!) you read and describe the methods you would use to do so. You can email me these two paragraphs at tawfiq.ammari[at]rutgers[dot]edu, and we’ll set up a time to talk.

If you would like to work using computational methods, you do not need to have a computer science/stats background. All it takes is an interest in learning new skills and the capacity to pick up new methodological tools quickly.